Kim Ronan, LCSW, MPH

Break down your barriers and live the life you were meant to live.

Kim Ronan, LCSW, MPH offers a personalized approach to therapy that gives you the space you need to feel comfortable, explore your mind at your own pace, and feel empowered as you embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth.  

Currently accepting clients for telehealth in California and in-person in the Los Angeles area, including Beverly Hills, Century City, West Hollywood, Mid-City, Culver City and the West-Side. 

Pillars of Therapeutic Practice

How therapy helps you do life better.

Improve Self Awareness

Improving Communication

Live the life you want by asking for it. Learn to establish boundaries, break free of people-pleasing tendencies, and address conflict instead of avoiding it.

Remove Your Armor

Breaking Down Barriers

We put up walls as a result of dysfunction, depression, anxiety, and trauma. Together we can begin to dismantle these barriers and pave the way for healing and personal growth. 

Improve Communication


Practice emotional regulation techniques, begin to name your feelings, and develop insight into the underlying motivations behind your thoughts and behaviors. 

Services & Session Types

Working together so you can live your life.


Helps those who feel broken or lost practice decision-making skills, learn to manage their emotions and stress, and quiet their inner critic with an evolved sense of emotional intelligence. 


Provides an opportunity for men who are struggling to express their needs to learn how they can embrace vulnerability and combat feelings of disconnection to develop meaningful relationships. 


Supports partners working to strengthen their relationship and increase intimacy by learning tools to manage conflict resolution and enhance communication in everyday life. 

Meet Kim

Kim Ronan has spent over a decade helping high-achieving adults take charge of their mental health and live their best lives. After graduating from UCLA with degrees in Public Health (MPH) and Social Work (MSW), Kim worked in the field for 14 years, providing therapy and crisis counseling in the LA County Jail and alongside law enforcement. Now she leverages that experience in private practice, offering a personalized and custom approach to therapy, pulling from a diverse set of tools, training, and field experience to help you build trust, set goals, and settle stressors so you can learn how to break down barriers, and do life better

Kim Ronan, LCSW, MPH

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