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You deserve to do life better.

Deciding to seek therapy itself is an accomplishment. Recognizing your pain is the first step of your journey towards breaking down your barriers and living the life you were meant to live. 

I am currently accepting new clients, telehealth in California and in-person in West Los Angeles. Fill out the form below to schedule a free, 15-minute consultation. 

I am not currently accepting new clients. Fill out the form below to be notified when I have availability. 

Kim Ronan, LCSW, MPH
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If you are an organization or educational institution looking for workplace mental wellness training or a subject matter expert on mental health, please send me an email

Central Beverly Hills Location

8500 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 740
Beverly Hills, CA 90211 

Kim Ronan's Therapy Office
Kim Ronan's Therapy Office

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